Protect your subsea assets and national waters

OceanIntel empowers global maritime key players to create true ocean intelligence for vessel surveillance, subsea asset protection, risk management for illegal marine activities, and smart maritime operations.

A World-Leading Maritime Domain Awareness Platform

Create ocean intelligence for vessel surveillance, asset protection and smart marine operations. Global industry key players monitor their maritime domains with OceanIntel – the maritime domain awareness platform with most data points and functionalities to provide you with full ocean transparency. 

As one of the widest used AIS tracking, surveillance, and monitoring systems in the world, we enable our customers to get the insights they need, 24/7 – by automatically monitoring real-time and historical AIS data combined with advanced machine-learning predictions. 

Who We Serve

Trusted by Key Players in the Global Maritime Industry

OceanIntel has provided clients with more than just a real-time display of vessel positions for over two decades.

From AIS data to actionable insights

With OceanIntel, you can get complete ocean visibility and transform AIS data into actionable insights.

Benefit from one of the most widely used AIS tracking, surveillance, and monitoring systems in the world.

Monitor real-time and historical AIS data combined with advanced machine-learning predictions.

What We Provide

Why OceanIntel?

150 million vessel movements daily

Our platform monitors more than 150 million vessel movements and events in real-time, every single day.

80% of customers contracted for +6 years

We take pride in the fact that over 80 % of our customers have been contracted with us for +6 years.

User-friendly & feature-rich solution

Valued by customers as user-friendly and feature-rich solution in one.

Maritime software experts with 20+ years

Developed by data and advanced technologies experts with more than two decades of experience in the maritime software industry.

Compliant, scalable & innovative tech solutions

Open and scalable solutions compliant with the newest standards and built upon the latest technology.

“Their product and their dynamic working methodology is world class.”
The Danish Maritime Authority
“It is important we have a reliable, versatile AIS management and display system. After testing over a dozen AIS systems, we found OceanIntel best meets our challenging needs.''
Ed Page, Executive Director of Marine Exchange of Alaska
“We can now identify and document perpetrators which is undeniable proof in insurance lawsuits. This has already resulted in compensations for millions.”
Bo G. Christensen, Project Manager at TELE Greenland
”The AIS system is a crucial part of our operational setup at DanPilot, and we can rely on OceanIntel for a flexible and dependable service”.
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Over 80% Of Our Customers Have Been With Us for More Than 6 Years

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