Manage & Monitor Your AIS Aids to Navigation Network

Monitor physical AIS Aids to Navigation (AtoN) transponders and generate virtual AtoNs when needed. Get an overview of all AtoNs in your network to make sure your network is setup and running as it should. Thanks to zone-specific alarms and event triggers, you can take proactive measures by monitoring vessel traffic around AtoNs.

Unlock the benefits of our AtoN feature

Reduce time & eliminate risks

With an efficient AtoN monitoring and management system that triggers zone-specific alarms automatically, you can significantly reduce the time spent checking on AtoNs as well as eliminate the risk of manual errors or oversight. 

Increase operational awareness while reducing information overload

Zone-specific alarms and event triggers enable users to take proactive measures to monitor and potentially inform vessel traffic near physical AtoNs 

Save time & money through smart maintenance

Only perform maintenance once the system detects potential performance impacts of an AtoN. 

Are you curious to see how easy it is to get started with managing and monitoring your AtoN network?

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AtoN functionalities at a glance


Automated monitoring

Create, automatically monitor, and manage physical AtoNs that are equipped with AIS transponders. 


Automated transmission of virtual AtoNs

Setup AIS Message 21 to automatically transmit virtual AtoNs via the appropriate base station. 

Define alarm-triggering events

Define events for when an alarm must be triggered. Common event examples: A vessel navigates near a buoy, an AtoN equipped with AIS transponders is not transmitting its data, or an AtoN has moved off its defined position. 

Automated AtoN alerts

Automatically send out alerts via email and/or SMS to notify the authority and/or owner of the AtoN. 

System-level transmission monitoring

System level transmission monitoring available in OceanIntel’s AIS Service Management service. 

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Enhance AtoN maintenance efficiency

Would you like to improve timing of maintenance, and not waste time or fuel on manually checking every physical AtoN by the same intervals?

Get even more insights for smart AtoN maintenance, such as AtoNs which might be more likely to require maintenance due to high levels of traffic in close proximity.

If you’d like to learn about which reports you can generate to get scheduled insights about your AtoN network, check out report feature page here. 

If you have any other questions you would like us to answer, we are here to assist you!

Support and maintenance

GateHouse Maritime offers various levels of support and maintenance depending on individual customer requirements. The level of service can range from no immediate support to complete 24-hour service.

Our technical support service encompasses the following:

  • Installation assistance
  • Clarification and reply to technical questions from operators and administrators
  • Registration and feedback regarding any problems found in the software

Scalable and customizable solution

The browser-based interface makes it easy for users to display and automatically monitor AtoNs in the network. The solution is scalable and can be tailored to meet the demanding requirements of a wide group of users.