The Greatest Worldwide Coverage of AIS Data

OceanIntel offers unparalleled AIS data coverage, ensuring comprehensive historical and current maritime information for informed operational decisions, encompassing vessel data, behaviors, incidents, and global ports, fostering genuine ocean intelligence.

Create true ocean intelligence with AIS data - powered by OceanIntel

With OceanIntel, you get the greatest AIS data coverage on the market, both in terms of historical data volume and current geographic coverage.

Why does this matter? Because it empowers you to access comprehensive information essential for your operations, as you will be working with continuously updated vessel characteristics, positions, movements, and behaviors, as well as records and alerts of incidents and worldwide ports.

Our aim is to enable you to create genuine ocean intelligence.

Enhanced intelligence via advanced AIS data machine learning

Harnessing global AIS data, we tap into AIS base stations established by governments worldwide which provide public access to a wealth of AIS information.

Over the last two decades, we’ve meticulously collected AIS data for the EU. Our efforts extend to the rest of the globe, amassing a decade’s worth of data. Can you name another player in the market who has collected this much data, capable of harnessing this extensive dataset to generate advanced machine-learning algorithms? Our goal is to deliver the best technically possible AIS data insights.

Current geographic coverage​​

To provide you with the best possible AIS data coverage, we combine terrestrial AIS (AIS-T), satellite AIS (AIS-S) and dynamic AIS data (AIS-V, vessel to vessel data points). This is because terrestrial AIS data covers an area up to 90 km from shore. And satellites can capture data around the world, no matter how far away from the shore. Should dynamic AIS data be available, that can add additional data points, it will also be added to OceanIntel’s AIS data pool.

We gather terrestrial AIS data from publicly accessible base stations all around the world. Dynamic AIS data is collected once a vessel picks up the location from another vessel close to it. Those data points are then automatically delivered into the public AIS data base and picked up by OceanIntel.

To add satellite data to our solution, we are partnering with a globally established satellite operator. Due to their worldwide satellite coverage, we can on average receive data updates every 15 minutes. In some regions this means that you can get updates about a particular vessel every second, while in other regions you get updates every 4 hours. By adding satellite data, our goal is to provide you true ocean intelligence.

All of this allows us to provide you with 150 million new data points daily, and to capture more than 250.000 vessels worldwide. To ensure you can always go back in time and re-access AIS data, we collect any AIS data point in our data pool.

Sources of data integrated into OceanIntel

Terrestrial AIS (AIS-T)

Satellite AIS (AIS-S)

Dynamic AIS data (AIS-V, vessel to vessel data points)

Integrate and add your own AIS data 

Do you already have AIS data available and would like to use that instead or in combination with our AIS data points? No problem, with our Data Management service you can easily integrate your own AIS data sources and combine it with one of our other OceanIntel services.