Complement Your Data Offerings

Increase your customer base by offering your clients more solutions through the addition of advanced AIS-data and vessel analytics to your data offerings. 

Enter new markets

For data providers who would like to enter new markets by complementing their current data offering with advanced AIS data points and ocean transparency, OceanIntel offers a variety of services. We help address the needs of their customers and add exactly the maritime data that matches their individual data portfolio best. 

Enable your customers to create ocean intelligence for vessel surveillance, asset protection and smart marine operations. With OceanIntel as one of the widest used AIS tracking, surveillance, and monitoring systems in the world, you can enable your customers to get the insights they need, 24/7 – by automatically monitoring real-time and historical AIS data combined with advanced machine-learning predictions powered by OceanIntel as the backbone in your database.

Add that data to your offerings

To offer your customers true ocean intelligence, you can combine several of our services and add them to your data offering. Depending on your customers’ needs and product strategy, you can include and combine our Asset Monitoring, Dark Ships, Ports & Logistics, Analytics, Ship Info Database, AIS Service Management, and Data Management service.  

No matter which service you will add to your offering, you will give your customers full transparency about any vessel behaviours in their maritime domain. The key to observe and ensure running maritime operations and assets 24/7. 

Find out which service combination fits with your ambitions.

Ensure data quality with OceanIntel, an established partner

When sourcing a fitting supplier that can keep up with your data offering’s quality, we understand that proper due diligence is key. 

With OceanIntel as your partner, you complement your data offerings with data from one of the widest used maritime domain awareness platforms in the world. Global industry key players and maritime authorities monitor their maritime domains with OceanIntel – the maritime data platform with most data points and ocean insights, leading AIS data coverage, and functionalities to provide your customers with full ocean transparency. 

Did you know that we deliver actionable maritime data by monitoring more than 150 million vessel movements and events in real-time, every single day? 

With OceanIntel, you provide your customers with world-class functionality developed by leading experts. 

Feed OceanIntel data into your existing database

To offer your customers the added maritime data through your existing database and user interface which they already know, and which is your trademark, you can easily integrate OceanIntel (as a DaaS solution) via a standard API integration into your data offering.  

Our DaaS solution is available for the following services: Analytics, Asset Monitoring, Ship Info Database, AIS Service Management, Ports & Logistics and Dark Ships. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific database scenario.