Asset monitoring for oil and gas rigs

Proactively protect oil rigs against collision threats and ease the daily task of surveillance and offshore monitoring with advanced AIS data insights.

Timely response to potential threats

Enhanced visibility and early warnings of potential threats to the assets allow operators to protect oil and gas rigs and avoid expensive downtime caused by collisions with rig platforms or infrastructure.

Reduced need for manual surveillance

With a worldwide AIS data coverage, automated monitoring, alarms, and instant messages, OceanIntel’s asset monitoring service considerably reduces the need for manual surveillance as well as the risk of human errors or oversight.

Preventive inspection, maintenance, and security

Advanced statistical analyses of traffic patterns around a rig platform or event type frequencies  enable continuous risk assessment and provide direct decision support for setting up improved security zones around oil and gas rigs, such as virtual AtoNs.

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Make the move to proactive rig protection

Given the potential for environmental catastrophes and collateral damage, maritime and offshore safety is crucial. OceanIntel’s well-proven and reliable Asset Monitoring service enables you to act proactively against potential threats by monitoring vessels in specified areas.

“We can now identify and document perpetrators which is undeniable proof in insurance lawsuits. This has already resulted in compensations for millions.”

Risk of vessels collisions

Despite being designed to withstand smaller impacts, oil and gas rigs still risk expensive downtime caused by vessels colliding with rig platforms or infrastructure. Risk factors are the increasing size of supply vessels in recent years and passing vessels travelling at higher speeds according to the Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering.

Automated monitoring and direct communication with supply and passing vessels in specified areas equip you with the necessary visibility of their movements you need to ultimately avoid collisions and downtime.

OceanIntel will be in charge of monitoring new gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea

As part of the increasing demand for offshore surveillance, GateHouse Maritime, has won a contract issued by gas transmission system operator, GAZ-SYSTEM. With the 5-year contract, GateHouse Maritime will provide data analytics through OceanIntel to automate monitoring of a new gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea which will deliver Norwegian gas to Danish and Polish households.

Would you like to see it in action?

We would love to show you how our Asset Monitoring service can protect your oil and gas rigs, reduce your operational costs and avoid downtime with the support of our data.