Empowering Ferry and Ship Owners with Actionable Insights

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and real-time data, OceanIntel provides invaluable information to help you optimize your daily ferry crossing operations and make informed decisions.

Support your everyday ferry crossing operations with OceanIntel

OceanIntel keeps track of your everyday operations and helps you to uphold your local regulations and keep your ferry crossings safe.

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With our strong suite of features for Ferry and Ship owners you can be sure to always stay in-the-know and keep a close eye on your fleet’s daily operations.

Do you want a demonstration of how OceanIntel will support you?

Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts.

Do you want a demonstration of how OceanIntel will support you?

Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts.

Meet the local regulations!

Regulations for ferry crossings can vary depending on the location, jurisdiction, and specific circumstances. With OceanIntel, you’ll get the right intel that supports the various regulations you might have to oblige to, such as:

  • Safety regulations
  • Navigation regulations
  • Environmental regulations
  • Port Regulations
  • Regulatory Reporting and Documentation


With OceanIntel, we offer you real-time insights into your ferry operations. You can easily prove activities and speed reporting to authorities as well as facilitate incident investigation. With OceanIntel, you can automatically gain and provide transparency over your operations and support investigations by being able to replay your ferry and related vessel movements.

If you need more insights on how we can help you to uphold your local regulations, then don’t be a stranger – reach out to us and let us demonstrate how we can assist you.

Get a little more insight into each of our features

Our features pack for Ferry and Ship Owners brings much needed insights into their daily operations, keeping ferry crossings safe and secure with real-time surveillance. Click on each feature below and learn more.  

Monitor the whereabouts of your fleet’s vessels effortlessly from a centralized dashboard with MarinePulse. Easily track the progress of planned ferry crossings and ensure adherence to schedules. By simply clicking on a specific vessel, you can access essential information, such as Speed over Ground (SOG), allowing you to quickly assess vessel performance. By getting a comprehensive overview of your fleet’s location, MarinePulse empowers you to make informed operational decisions.

When incidents or accidents occur, time is of essence. Our Replay feature allows you to swiftly investigate and analyze such events. Quickly review incidents, such as collisions or dock-related issues, to understand the sequence of events. This valuable tool provides a comprehensive overview, enabling you to take immediate action. Additionally, the Replay feature can be used for insurance purposes, providing evidence for claims and facilitating the resolution of any damages incurred.
Monitor vessel movements in designated areas marked by geofences. Set up geofences to receive alerts when a vessel departs or arrives at specific locations. Furthermore, this feature can notify the captain when approaching critical areas, such as a harbor entrance. Proactively mitigate risks, prevent unauthorized movements, and ensure the safety of your ferry crossings by leveraging OceanIntel’s event detection feature.
Complying with regulatory requirements is crucial for ferry and ship owners. Our Analytics service simplifies this process by automatically documenting departure and arrival times for all crossings, so that you don’t have to do the work and spend time on it. You can receive these reports via email, customized to your preferred frequency, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed. Stay organized, fulfill regulatory obligations, and streamline your operations effortlessly.
The Tracks feature offers dynamic historical track visualization for multiple ships, allowing you to review past routes over flexible time intervals. This functionality proves invaluable information for showcasing operational areas and tracking the trajectory of individual vessels. Gain insights into historical patterns, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your overall ferry operations.
You can work with OceanIntel data as both a SaaS solution and as a DaaS solution via an API integration. Because we understand the importance of integrating OceanIntel’s data into your existing IT systems. Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate our platform’s information directly into your internal infrastructure. This enables you to leverage OceanIntel’s comprehensive data while utilizing your preferred IT tools and systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Detecting dark ships requires human expertise that we put into our machine-learning engine

Detecting dark ships is not an easy task. It requires combining technological solutions, data analysis, and human expertise. Continuous advancements in surveillance technologies and data analytics, along with effective intelligence sharing and collaboration among maritime authorities, are vital to improving the detection and response to illicit maritime activities.

Even though advanced technologies and automated systems like OceanIntel play a crucial role, human expertise remains essential in several aspects:

  1. Data Analysis and Interpretation
  2. Decision-making and Judgment
  3. Investigation and Intelligence gathering
  4. Adaptability and Response
  5. Collaboration and Communication

Unlock the Potential of OceanIntel

OceanIntel’s maritime domain awareness platform is specifically designed to serve the unique needs of ship owners and ferry operators. By harnessing our services, you can enhance operational efficiency, maintain schedules, prevent incidents, and ensure regulatory compliance. Join the growing community of ferry and ship owners who rely on OceanIntel to drive success in their daily operations.

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