Port Intelligence

What would the right insight enable you to do? With the Port Intelligence service, the opportunities for improved operations are endless.

Stay a step ahead of port congestion

With the increase of international trade, port congestion has become worse and more costly. It can be catastrophic not to know how long the ship transporting your container can expect to wait at anchorage before the goods can be picked up.

Our new OceanIO service, Port Intelligence, can provide you with the location and container data required to avoid issues caused by delays. Set your own congestion limits and enable notifications for when congestion is above your limit at a specified port.

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Trustworthy datasets

Gain access to a living data universe that allows you to check statistics on the current status of ports around the world. Choose the optimal route based on reliable data including anchorage waiting time for named vessels, as well as berthing and dwell time.

Port Intelligence offers reliable congestion predictions based on our accurate data from all commercial ports. You get a clear idea of vessel queuing along the route and at the port of destination.

How can the data be used?

Use the data before booking to see how port congestion is likely to affect your cargo at the point of discharge (POD) so that you can plan accordingly.

And use the data during transport to be informed when port congestion will impact your ongoing shipment so that you can mitigate the delay.

The image shown is only one example of how the data could be used.

Get automatically notified

Different companies act differently on port congestion. Some require action after 7 days of expected congestion and others when the port congestion reaches 4 days and 10 hours. The Port Intelligence service allows you to create your own congestion thresholds and automatically receive notifications when port congestion is above your specified limit. The OceanIO platform makes it easy for you to implement Management by exception.