Arrival Prediction – ETA prediction you can trust

Improve operations

A three-day delay across the Pacific Ocean does not always mean a three-day delay to the port in question. Sometimes, time can be gained in ports and sometimes it is lost.

Would you like to have more control over the impact of delays? Would you like dynamic and predictive ETAs based on real time shipment data of over 5,000 container ships? Then this solution is for you.

From 48 hours and onward, we will continuously update your ETA, based on reality and your current status. So, even if you already know the scheduled arrival time for your ship, the Arrival Prediction functionality will make you even wiser.

How it works

Collection of data from multiple sources like carrier schedules, port schedules, and live and historic location data.

Calculation of ​the scheduled ETAs, based on machine learning and fueled by AI.

Real time container vessel schedules and forecasts providing precise estimates for arrivals and departures.

Actionable, real time data

The solution collects schedules for container ships and makes estimations based on both historical and real time data, as well as machine learning. A vessel that had been delayed on its trip to Singapore can determine whether it could still reach its final destination of Hamburg on schedule if necessary adjustments are made.

From reactive to proactive

Knowing that more than a third of all container vessels are more than a day delayed, we operate with both

  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Calculated risk of delay

Receive notifications when your expected vessels are delayed and adjust your operations accordingly to avoid further delays.

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Ports & terminals

If you are a port authority or a terminal operator or working as a tugboat or pilot operator, this solution will be perfect for you.

The container vessel predictions will help you optimize your utilization of assets as you can predict the precise ETA of the expected container vessels due to the comprehensive machine learning based algorithms.


Carriers and shipping companies will find great use of the precise ETA forecasts to benchmark and measure.

A reliable data source is the most important thing when you aim to optimize your performance and benchmark your operations against competitors.

Logistic companies

In order to be proactive and reduce costs, all logistic companies need to be able to rely on the supply chain events, such as vessel arrivals.

More than 30% of all container vessels are over 24 hours delayed.