Increase Business Opportunities & Fine-Tune Port Operations

Find out which vessels could be coming to your port in the next [X] days and with what probability. Advanced machine learning lets you track all the vessels sailing towards all the ports worldwide, so you can be proactive, always knowing the next 3 ports a vessel is headed toward. 

The questions that Next Port can answer

Next Port increases the visibility of all commercial vessels, providing you with accurate predictions on vessel destinations.

Next Port provides answers to the following questions:

  • Where is any particular vessel heading for next port of call?
  • Which vessels are approaching a particular port?
  • When will a vessel arrive at a particular port?

Unlock the benefits of Next Port

OceanIntel’s Next Port predictions help you get valuable insights for your operations – insights that standard AIS data cannot provide.

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Increase visibility

Increase visibility of vessels coming to ports and eliminate hours of manual and puzzle-solving tasks that you would have spent on finding out which vessel might approach a specific port.

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Save time

Save time by knowing exactly the vessels you want to contact, instead of taking guesses in the dark and contacting all ships. 

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Increase business opportunities

Increase business opportunities by knowing which vessels are likely to arrive within the next 5 days, that you could book a service or maintenance job with. 
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Optimize processes

Automatically send out alerts via email and/or SMS to notify the authority and/or owner of the AtoN. 

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Can your operations benefit from using Next Port predictions?

Next Port predictions are ideal for many port stakeholders. Here are a few examples:

  • Port operations managers
  • Tugboat and pilot operators
  • Maintenance and repair service centers
  • Other maritime service businesses
  • Tax and customs authorities
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Stevedores

Curious to find out how Next Port can enhance your operations and help you reach your business goals? Then let’s get in touch!

How Next Port works

Combining real-time tracking, historical data, and smart algorithms, Next Port offers continuously updated predictions on the next port or the next 3 ports which a vessel is heading toward. 

Decide how you would like to work with Next Port: 

Would you like to know about all vessels that are most likely to come towards a port of your interest? Or would you like to get a list of the most likely candidates for the next port of call along with a probability and ETA? 

You can work with both scenarios, either by selecting a port in OceanIntel’s Next Port feature or by feeding it with an IMO number (or a list of IMO numbers) that you want to know more about. 

Optimize processes

Enjoy continuous updates on predictions on the most probable next destination, eliminating hours of manual and puzzle-solving tasks.

With the Next Port data feed, you get your information in a simple and uniform format for your convenience, saving you lots of time while minimizing the occurrence of errors.

How to get started

Our goal is to provide you the greatest value by setting you up with those of our services that suit you best. 

The Next Port feature from OceanIntel’s Ports & Logistics service can run as a standalone SaaS solution or it can be combined with your existing system as a DaaS solution via an API integration.