Maritime Tugboat

Need relevant tools to cut tugboat operation costs, analyze competitor operations, and improve billing processes?

The solution

Benefit from many functionalities that are designed to suit the needs of tugboat operators and professionals. The solution is based on real-time as well as historical location data. As it is web-based, it enables easy access from anywhere with network connectivity.

Planning and optimization

With the Destination Predictor feature you can identify potential clients and likely tug assist opportunities weeks in advance – providing you a wider time window for optimal crew planning. Furthermore, fuel consumption can be optimized and emissions reduced using advanced speed-over-ground analytics tools and automated speed alerts.

Precise ETAs and ETDs

With the Maritime Tugboat solution, you can estimate vessel arrivals to your port days in advance and manage your assets efficiently to support vessel assists in a timely manner. With precise ETAs and ETDs based on an advanced algorithm developed by GateHouse Maritime, you can eliminate unnecessary waiting time out at sea. As the feature can make reliable calculations up to 5 days into the future, you will also be able to improve scheduling days ahead of time.

Improved billing process

Analyze tugboat and client vessel interactions to confirm correct billing. Automate the documentation of billing and thereby avoid manual tasks and possible human errors. With the historical ship track feature, you can go back and check the exact times and places for any of your tug operations. This enables you to efficiently reduce the number of incorrect or inadequate billings.

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Competitor Analysis

View statistics on the numbers and types of tugboats used in a large tanker vessel assist operation, or information on how long your competitors’ tugboats are spending in specific dock areas. To gain a better understanding of vessel traffic, see how many cargo vessels are bypassing your port and docking at the next port up the coast.

New sales opportunities

Identify the vessels that you are not servicing, within your area of interest. The Maritime Tugboat software can provide an overview of any tugboat operations not carried out by your fleet and identify new sales opportunities.