About OceanIntel

OceanIntel is a world leading maritime domain awareness platform, developed by GateHouse Maritime. We enable global maritime key players to create true ocean intelligence for vessel surveillance, subsea asset protection, risk management for illegal marine activities, and smart marine operations.

OceanIntel delivers actionable maritime data by monitoring more than 150 million vessel movements and events in real-time, every single day.

Introducing OceanIntel and its unique features

Discover what OceanIntel is all about and explore some of its distinctive attributes:

The solution

  • Maritime domain awareness platform that (provides full ocean transparency and) transforms AIS data into actionable insights. 
  • One of the widest used AIS tracking, surveillance, and monitoring systems in the world. 
  • Monitoring real-time and historical AIS data combined with advanced machine-learning predictions. 

The ''how''

  • Platform with most data points and analytic functionalities. 
  • Open and scalable solutions compliant with the newest standards and built upon the latest technology. 
  • Cost effective and interoperable platform-based solutions eliminating “silo-solutions”. 


  • Trusted by global maritime industry key players with long-proven track record. 
  • Valued by customers as user-friendly and feature-rich solution in one. 

Experience and vision

  • Developed by data and advanced technologies experts with more than two decades of experience in the maritime software industry. 
  • A solution with a team behind it whose goal is to actively contribute to solving some of the industrys most urgent challenges as visionary market leader: Dark ship detection. 

GateHouse Maritime

Learn more about GateHouse Maritime, the company behind the brand OceanIntel and industry-leading supplier of data services providing true Ocean Visibility and maritime domain awareness.