AIS Service Management

Is your current solution unable to oversee the performance of your AIS systems or your Aids to Navigation network to make sure everything is functioning optimally?

With OceanIntel’s AIS Service Management, you can monitor all components of your AIS system and get automated alerts about any system problem. Act before damages occur, data is lost, or critical operations are affected. Trusted by maritime and government authorities as well as maritime data providers.

When is AIS Service Management for you?

If any of the following points resonate with your current challenges, you’ve come to the right place:

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Your current solution does not allow you to monitor all your AIS systems’ performance at one glance, which makes AIS service management time consuming and cumbersome for you, because you must go through several systems to get the info and overview you need.

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You don’t know how to ensure that your AIS systems are performing as required and not compromised with regards to AIS data coverage and transmissions (e.g., message rates, sensor drops, VHF data coverage, network connectivity, degrading antenna, etc.).

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You have physical base stations, AtoNs, buoys, or transponders – literally anything with an MMSI and or/connectivity source tag – for which you must ensure optimal performance of your AIS systems, as critical operations (e.g., military or lighthouse operations or your customers’ business) rely on them.

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You spend a lot of time and find it hard to reach all your scattered AIS systems in person to check their status and performance.

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You don’t have the means to set up Aids to Navigations (AtoNs), nor to monitor their transmissions.

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You and your support team don’t receive alerts once a problem has been detected in your AIS systems.

Discover how you can easily manage and monitor all your AIS services!

Use cases of OceanIntel's AIS Service Management

United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

USACE provides AIS coverage of inland waterways in the United States through it’s network of 120 AIS AtoN stations and receivers.  

GateHouse has provided the LOMA AIS Monitoring and Reporting System to USACE beginning in 2022.  The solution provides USACE with the tools to monitor each system component, analyze system performance (including message transmission), manage AtoNs and generate reports.  

The USACE system supports AIS Geographic Notice (GN) message scheduling, a REST interface for external access for transmission and scheduling of GN and Environmental Messages (EM) transmission. 

Marine Exchange of Alaska (MXAK)

MXAK provides AIS coverage of Alaska’s enormous and harsh waters through their installation and operation of 190 AIS shore station receivers and 60 AIS Aids to Navigation transponders. 

For the MXAK, GateHouse has provided a complete server system with advanced analytical tools, browser-based interfaces for access to the AIS data over the internet, AtoN management tools, and tools for local display, configuration, and user management. The MXAK also uses the GateHouse system to provide AIS data for external users (including the United States Coast Guard for Nationwide AIS) as a service provider and supports United States Coast Guard (USCG) AtoN management in District 17. 


L3HARRIS employ the GateHouse solution for the monitoring and management of AIS data feeds and providing the appropriately formatted and structured data to their end-customers. L3HARRIS is managing very large volumes of data and work with end-customers where system monitoring is essential to ensure data availability and reliability. L3HARRIS also provides their customers with access to a branded user interface for event detection and analytics. 

What can you achieve with OceanIntel’s AIS Service Management?

Always be informed about any AIS service’s performances in your network and ensure everything is performing as it should: 

  • Avoid impacted system performance, related potential data losses, or compromised operations that require reliable uptime of your AIS systems by monitoring your entire AIS systems’ performance as well as individual system items 24/7. (Impacted message rates, coverage, transmissions, or sensor drops can’t hide any longer). 
  • Support safe maritime domains by setting up and managing an AtoN network.
  • Act immediately to re-establish required system performance as fast as possible. Your support team gets informed by automated real-time alerts as soon as any compromise in the system should be detected. 
  • Save time by monitoring all your AIS base stations at one glance (instead of collecting performance insights from several sources) no matter how scattered they are all over the world. 
  • Ensure compliance with IALA A-124 guidelines for AIS Service Management as required by maritime authorities.

Achieve smart AIS service management with our knowledge. We have been in the game for over 20 years, and we’d love to support you!

The features of AIS Service Management:

AtoN management

Data coverage and transmission monitoring

If you would like to know more about the system and user configuration, and how to configure and monitor VDL load, you can find here. 

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Main functionalities

Would you like to know the technical details? Here are the main functionalities of our AIS Service Management: 

  • Cloud-based solution, available as web interface (SaaS solution) or via API (DaaS solution).
  • Flexible deployment options including hosting by OceanIntel, deployment in the end users cloud or servers. 
  • Secure interface to networked data sources through the LSS Interface Server (IFS), which acts as data concentrator. 
  • Monitoring of AIS system performance via CheckMK 
  • All values from configured services are fed into a time series database (InfluxDB) to use for graphing via Grafana. 
  • Data security through user management and network protocols. 
  • Modular and scalable service to meet your individual requirements for AIS Service Management.

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Examples of AIS Service Management dashboards

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Integration services

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Hands-on training

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Support & maintenance

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