Asset Monitoring

Take proactive measures to safeguard vital subsea infrastructure and offshore assets from potential vessel-related harm using continuous automated surveillance around the clock.

This approach aims to prevent associated downtimes and repair costs while also leveraging AIS data insights to facilitate incident investigations.

Are your subsea and offshore assets prepared for the future?

Increasing vessel traffic, subsea constructions, and heightened international tensions involving more adept perpetrators are collectively playing a part in the increasing threat to subsea assets.

Safeguarding against threats and the harm arising from undesirable maritime operations is more important than ever, underscoring the need for 24/7 surveillance of subsea and offshore structures. This includes vital components like power and communication cables, oil and gas pipelines, offshore wind farms, and oil rigs. Achieving this goal is enhanced by harnessing both historical and up-to-the-minute AIS data to ensure comprehensive oversight around the clock.

What motivates you to try asset monitoring?

If any of the following points align with your current challenges, you’ve come to the right place:

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You don’t have any, or very limited possibilities to protect your offshore or subsea assets 24/7 against asset harming vessel activities.

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You spend a lot of time surveilling your assets and/or alerting relevant stakeholders in case of detected and potential harmful events.

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You might not be familiar with the key vulnerable asset areas when it comes to implementing intelligent asset maintenance or identifying optimal asset pre-deployment locations.

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You are missing insights for identifying perpetrators because you can’t document vessel activities that happened nor replay them.

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You need to minimize the downtime risk in case of an incident and therewith related business costs and impact.

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You need to avoid expenditures caused by potential infrastructure repairs and the time spent surveilling your assets which can be in the heights of millions of USD.

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You can’t afford to put your customers’ satisfaction at risk due to potential downtime of your subsea and offshore infrastructure.

Our goal is to help you protect your subsea and offshore assets and uncover unwanted vessel activities.

What can you achieve with our Asset Monitoring service?

Gain critical maritime domain awareness for 24/ offshore and subsea surveillance using OceanIntel:


  • Proactively protect offshore and subsea infrastructure from unwanted vessel activities. Enhance security and safety. 
  • Avoid or reduce expenses for repairs and downtime. 
  • Save time and related costs due to automated 24/7 surveillance of AIS data and alerting relevant stakeholders in incident events. 
  • Gain transparency of exposed areas for supporting asset pre-deployment decisions and maintenance operations. 
  • Facilitate identifying perpetrators by replaying past vessel activities. 

Detect dark ship activities

Are you also looking to identify illicit maritime operations (dark ships) as you monitor your offshore and subsea resources? Do you wish to gather additional details about particular vessels that have captured your interest?

Explore OceanIntel’s Dark Ships and Ship Info Database services to discover how you can integrate them into your asset monitoring solution.

A quick look at the features of Asset Monitoring

Here’s a list of the included features in Asset Monitoring:

Would you like to learn more about our Asset Monitoring service and see how it works?

How to access and use Asset Monitoring

Would you like to access your Asset Monitoring service via MarinePulse, our web interface (which you can even combine with other data sources you are already using), or feed it into your existing interface and database via an integration to combine it with your existing data points, such as data from underwater microphones?

Both options work for us, as OceanIntel is available as a SaaS and DaaS solution. The DaaS solution can handle all maritime related data input sources such as AIS, radar, satellite AIS, LRIT, etc. 

Why choose OceanIntel as your solution to monitor your subsea assets?

OceanIntel is trusted by maritime authorities, governments, maritime utilities, and other commercial partners around the world. Just take today as an example, in which thousands of alerts will have been sent out to protect global assets.

Our goal is to help you protect your offshore and subsea assets in the best possible way. That is why we are leading the development of advanced technologies such as dark ship detection to give you more possibilities to create transparency over your subsea and offshore asset domains. 

On top of that, you can track the most vessel activities because we have achieved a solution with the worldwide greatest coverage based on terrestrial and satellite AIS data. 

With our 24/7 surveillance offer, you can add the option to always have a partner by your side, who supports in monitoring vessel activities in your asset domains. They also communicate with vessels that might be a threat to the security of your subsea and offshore infrastructure. 

We set you up for success!

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Integration services

Why struggle to implement and integrate your solution yourself when you can have experienced help for a successful integration between the technical solution and operational processes? GateHouse Maritime gets you started with a process definition and integration services that fit your needs.

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Hands-on training

Be set up for success with an intensive one-day training session where users receive hands-on training in operating their respective areas of the system, led by one of our experts.

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Support & maintenance

We've got you covered! We offer support 24/7. GateHouse Maritime offers various degrees of support and maintenance depending on your individual requirements.