AIS Data Management

Do you have too much maritime data that is complex and cumbersome to combine into actionable information?

Gain ultimate ocean intelligence by managing and making sense of large volumes of maritime data from different terrestrial and satellite sources and providers. Developed over the past 20 years, our expertise for maritime data management services is trusted by maritime authorities and data providers worldwide.

When can you benefit from our Data Management service?

If any of the following points align with your current challenges, you’ve come to the right place:

You need a safe and reliable data storage and back-end service for a high volume of AIS data.

You don’t have the AIS data expertise to make your different data sources work together and effectively extract as well as fuse them into insights for internal operations or provision to your customers.

You don’t want to spend time and financial resources on building a scalable in-house data management and distribution service for clean AIS data.

Learn how you can easily manage all your AIS data and sources with a service which matches your needs.

A quick look at our Data Management service

What can you achieve with our Data Management service?

Efficiently acquire essential insights by working with cleaned data. We enable your AIS data sources to work together effectively: 

  • Integrate multiple AIS data sources, both terrestrial and satellite. 
  • Store large volumes of data, with exported data structured for integration with geographic information systems (GIS), third-party analytics and reporting. 
  • Manage large numbers of AIS data sensors, including two-way communications for directed messaging to vessels using base stations. 
  • Ensure efficient and effective delivery of clean maritime data to your customers data sources. 
  • Ensure compliance with IALA A-124 guidelines for AIS Logical Shore Stations (LSS) required by maritime authorities.

Achieve smart data management with our guidance. We have been setting up data management services for the past 20 years.

A quick look at our Data Management features

Here’s a list of the included features in our Data Management service: 

Feed the managed data into a SaaS and/or DaaS solution

Data storage

Data integration of existing and additional AIS data

Data can be used for various purposes in combination with other data solutions

Discuss further technical questions directly with our experts!

Main functionalities

Would you like to know the technical details? Here are the main functionalities of our Data Management service: 

  • DaaS solution, available via OceanIntel’s API. 
  • Secure interface to networked data sources through the LSS Interface Server (IFS), which acts as data concentrator. 
  • Validating, aggregating, sanitizing, decoding and conversion of terrestrial and satellite data sources for output to multiple end-users.
  • Delivery of data via subscriber proxy and webservices. 
  • Supported data output streams: NMEA 0183, OTH Gold, Tag Block, Common Block, JSON Object Feed, XML Message Feed, JSON Message Feed, and XML Object Feed. 
  • Data storage developed on PostgreSQL to facilitate data integration and fusion for analytics. 
  • Data security through user management and network protocols. 
  • Flexible deployment options including hosting by OceanIntel, deployment in the end user’s cloud or servers. 
  • Modular and scalable service to meet your individual requirements for the management and distribution of AIS data. 

Do you have further technical questions for our experts?

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Integration services

Why struggle to implement and integrate your solution yourself when you can have experienced help for a successful integration between the technical solution and operational processes? GateHouse Maritime gets you started with a process definition and integration services that fit your needs.

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Hands-on training

Be set up for success with an intensive one-day training session where users receive hands-on training in operating their respective areas of the system, led by one of our experts.

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Support & maintenance

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