Advanced AIS-Data Insights for Maritime Service Businesses

Monitor ship arrivals and their timings at specific ports to optimize customer service, attract new clients, and schedule maintenance services based on historical vessel journeys.

Common challenge: inefficient business operations

Are you a maritime service business, such as a ship and offshore supplier who must be ready in the port once a vessel arrives? Or are you in the industrial machinery manufacturing business, who equips vessels with pumps or other parts on vessels? 

Then you might be familiar with the challenge of not having access to smart AIS data insights, ultimately limiting your ability to optimize your maritime services towards a time and resource saving business – because you are missing out on visibility about arriving vessels, their ETAs, current positions, and targeted next ports. 

Optimize your maritime services

OceanIntel enables you to know which vessels arrive at which port and when, so that you can:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity by allocating the right employees at the right time.
  • Save time by streamlining your crew and serving your customers in the most efficient way 
  • Save resources and cut operation costs by optimizing your service operations by reducing your employees’ waiting times 
  • Gain new customers by learning about arriving vessels which are not your customers yet
  • Optimize maintenance services by knowing past vessel journeys that indicate when it makes most sense to call in vessels for maintenance. 

All that supports maritime service businesses to increase customer satisfaction through optimized services. 

How OceanIntel helps maritime service businesses

We enable maritime service businesses to visualize vessel movements, to know about a vessel’s next port, and to optimize their maintenance schedules by generating smart AIS data analytics: 

Visualize vessel movements in your service areas

Have full transparency about any vessels in your service domain. Visualize real-time vessel movements and see a predicted route as well as ETA for specific vessels or survey which vessels enter the area where you can perform your services.

Analytics: optimize your maritime services through smart AIS data insights

Gain valuable information for your service operations from global maritime data reports: Port call reports or traffic route reports are just some of the reports that can give you valuable insights into optimizing your maintenance schedules. Provide maintenance services on derived facts rather than assumptions, and only spend time on maintenance when it is really needed.

Next Port: increase business opportunities and fine tune port operations

Know which vessels might be coming to the port where you perform your maritime services in the next x-days and with what probability. Advanced machine learning lets you track all vessels sailing towards all ports worldwide, so that you can be proactive, always knowing the next 3 ports a vessel is headed towards.

Experienced supplier of valuable maritime data

Over the past 20 years, we have been doing nothing else than building a huge AIS data base – OceanIntel – with fused and visualized data in close collaboration with our customers that is valued by maritime authorities and service businesses all over the world.

We love helping our customers to convert AIS data into meaning and value for their own business!