Global Ship Information in One Database

Are you currently navigating through multiple maritime databases to locate specific ship information, or are you looking for a reliable, all-inclusive database?

Save time and access comprehensive, worldwide vessel information in a single place. Based on market leading historical and real-time AIS data coverage, OceanIntel’s Ship Info Database can provide you with all the essential vessel information. 

When can you benefit from our Ship Info Database service?

If any of the following points align with your current challenges, you’ve come to the right place:

You need a database where you can find relevant ship information that are required for your operations.

Your current database only provides you some of the data you need, but not all and you end up paying for several databases.

You need access to a ship information database that allows you to input specific criteria and retrieve the insights you seek.

You spend a lot of time manually going through several databases to find the insights you need.

You find it challenging to combine all the vessel information you need into a single view and to keep track of it.

Eliminate your current challenges by commencing your journey with our Ship Info Database today.

What can you achieve with our Ship Information Database service?

Find all the ship information you need, based on global historical and real-time AIS data: 

  • Base your operations on global ship information.  
  • Save expenses by getting all ship information you need from one source. 
  • Easily navigate through the large amount of available ship information and save time by searching for specific relevant ship information fast. 

What ship information can you find?

See what ship information is (at least) included in our database: 

Ship name

IMO number

MMSI number


Registered owner

Beneficial owner

Class/type of ship

Ship length and width




Current position

Deadweight tonnage (DWT)

Last known and other historical position (AIS data of the ship 5+ years back)

In addition, the following ship information will soon become available:

Commercial manager, Technical manager, Previous owner, Previous ship names, Previous flags, Technical ship engine data, Detentions, Incidents, ISM manager, and Sanctions.

How is our database different from other providers?

Our primary objective is to ensure you can access a wealth of information about your specific ship of interest. Our aim is to gather all the pertinent insights that matter to you. To achieve this, we’ve built the most comprehensive AIS data coverage available in the market.

Furthermore, we’ve been continuously collecting AIS data for the past two decades, giving you access to an extensive historical database within our Ship Info Database. Partner with the industry’s leading ship information database, which can seamlessly integrate with other OceanIntel services to provide you with comprehensive ocean intelligence.

How can you access OceanIntel’s Ship Info Database?

Would you like to access your Ship Info Database service via our web interface or feed it into your existing interface and database via an integration to combine it with your existing analytics?

Both options work for us, as OceanIntel is available as a SaaS and DaaS solution. The DaaS solution can handle all maritime related data input sources such as AIS, radar, satellite AIS, LRIT, etc. 

Stay up to date with constant data updates

Our Ship Info Database is continuously updated with AIS positions and port calls of all vessels worldwide based on AIS data from either land based terrestrial networks or satellite-based AIS. 

We set you up for success!

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Integration services

Why struggle to implement and integrate your solution yourself when you can have experienced help for a successful integration between the technical solution and operational processes? GateHouse Maritime gets you started with a process definition and integration services that fit your needs.

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Hands-on training

Be set up for success with an intensive one-day training session where users receive hands-on training in operating their respective areas of the system, led by one of our experts.

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Support & maintenance

We've got you covered! We offer support 24/7. GateHouse Maritime offers various degrees of support and maintenance depending on your individual requirements.