Maritime Surveillance

GateHouse Maritime Surveillance tools encompass a number of operational management tools for port, tugboat, and pilot as well as analysis tools for traffic analysis, situational awareness tools, and data management tools. In short: All the tools you need to monitor and analyze your real-time and historical AIS data. The tools deliver a comprehensive and operational maritime overview.

Optimize operations

With the GateHouse Maritime AIS tracking system used for operations by maritime authorities and commercial partners around the world for over 20 years, you get more than just a display system showing ships’ position in real time.

You get an interactive and flexible vessel monitoring system for managing the maritime domain with world-class functionality and usability which will help you optimize your operations and drive even more business opportunities.

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Real-time and historical AIS data

Within Maritime Surveillance, you find the tools you need for vessel monitoring and managing the maritime domain with world-class functionality and usability.

User-friendly and flexible

The user-friendly and flexible design ensures that you are provided with an efficient and intuitive tool for displaying maritime ais data.

AIS data accessible from anywhere

The Maritime Surveillance tools are accessible from any device with an internet connection and a standard browser. It is ideal for distributing maritime data to several users in different locations.